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1100Z | 2100 AEST | 1900 AWST

About Panic Stations

Of all VATPAC's featured events, none is more popular than Panic Stations.

The idea is devilishly simple. Get as many aircraft as possible to try and arrive at a destination airport, touching down at the same time.

It's up to ATC to sort it out and ensure correct procedures and separation standards are adhered to at all times. The first jet and non-jet aircraft to touch down after the target time enjoy bragging rights....until the next Panic Stations.

Pilots can expect non-standard arrivals, plenty of holding and/or speed restrictions. Controllers can expect to work hard, often in non-standard or non-radar positions. It is an extremely satisfying experience as a controller sitting back after a Panic Stations event having adhered to published standards and procedures at all times.

We look forward to the first time that happens...

Pilot Information

Panic Stations Bali



ATC Roster

Name Positon Backup
Ryan Steffe ML_TBD_CTR Daniel Martin
Daniel Martin AD_DEP Steven Popowicz
Steven Popwicz AD_APP Will Smart
Will Smart AD_TWR Christian Torz
Joshua Micallef AD_GND Samuel Powell
George Goodman AD_DEL Tristian Duncombe